We live in an ever moving and shifting world, encompassed by corporations, businesses, ladders to climb, goals to achieve. Yet how many of us are happy with our specializations, how many of as are in a place where we feel at home? 

I’ve found my nook - art at GSA. What’s your nook or cranny?
The concept of the video follows the idea that the modern world has become a cacophony of non-stop movement, industries, corporations, and stress. I looked at the idea of “Nooks and Crannies” initially in terms of time and physical space. The timelapses explored 12 hours of the day, after hours, when the city transforms, and when one can see the most movement in a calm manner. To explore the physical representation of what a nook or cranny is, I was going to have a final shot of a person sleeping in an archway or street, while the city around continues moving. 
Yet through poor planning and not getting that final shot, I was forced to think about the prompt in a new way. I went back to a bit of brainstorming and looked at synonyms for nook, and found one that peaked my interest again: niche. A niche to me has always been a specific role and place that an organism occupies within an ecosystem, so within the ecosystem of humanity, a niche would be our specialization - the specific task/job that we do. 

I began to realize that the amount of footage of random studios and people working on their art that I have is far more than sufficient to create a second video, that shows how in the midst of all of this movement and chaos - we have managed to find our own nook and cranny, a place where we’re comfortable even when everyone has gone. The ambient noises are terrifying, the sounds of the city whiz past us, yet we’re not phased, as this is where we are comfortable. This is our nook.
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