New Media Artist
From a young age, I found myself abroad. Son of a diplomat: travelling, moving, migrating; absorbing the sounds, smells, tastes, behaviours and traditions of the various nations and cultures.
Lithuania Russia Lithuania Belgium Lithuania Georgia Lithuania Michigan Italy Scotland
For now, you'll find me at the Glasgow School of Art, hidden away in the third floor of the Barnes (isn't that the sculpture building?)
Somewhere in a corner, surrounded by monitors and photos, trying to make sense of what I've seen, what I've felt, what I can change.

Glasgow School of Art Degree Show 2017  
 course exhibition at the Reid building basement, June 2017
Honours year project Home(less) as a performative installation [Leap Motion Controller, Processing, Max 7, semi-opaque acrylic, short-throw projector, Focusrite Sapphire Pro 24 audio interface, four speakers]
 three person exhibition at The Art School, October 2015
Premiere of art piece about history of Lithuanian deportation and occupation [Paper, LED TV, two CRT tv’s, Microphone, Mac Mini Processing, VPT, Audio Trigger]
International Baccalaureate Visual Arts Class of 2014 exhibition
St. Stephen’s School of Rome, Spring 2014
Acryllic Paintings on canvases and canvas boards
Film Photographs [enlarged prints on Ilford photo paper, shot with a Praktica L, Venice 2014]
Digital Photographs [laser jet prints, portraiture in Ostia Antica, shot in Ostia Antica and Villa d’Este]
Drawings [pencil on A1 cartridge paper]
International Baccalaureate Visual Arts Conference
Sheraton Hotel Rome, August 2014
Fractal Renders [print on archival photo paper, framed]
Glasgow School of Art, First Class BA(Hons) in Interaction Design, Class of 2017.
International Baccalaureate Diploma from St. Stephen's School of Rome, Class of 2014
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