From a young age, I found myself abroad. Son of a diplomat: travelling, moving, migrating; absorbing the sounds, smells, tastes, behaviours and traditions of the various nations and cultures.
Lithuania Russia Lithuania Belgium Lithuania Georgia Lithuania Michigan Italy Scotland Lithuania ???
Somewhere in a corner, surrounded by monitors and photos, trying to make sense of what I've seen, what I've felt, what I can change. Interested in exploring fractured identities, our relationship with technology, and contrasting that with traditional mediums.
"Wonderland" - Autarkia
Group Exhibition, Fall 2019
The Modern Prometheus - an organic sculpture exploring the relationship between man and technology. Developed as part of course-work at the Vilnius Academy of Arts for the Contemporary Sculpture Master's programme. [Pig's hearts, Calf's eye, led, formalin, isopropyl alcohol, battery, glass jars, knife]
"2 0 9 0" - Lokomotif Meeting Room
Group Exhibition, Fall 2019
Sound installation created for the show entitled "Echo". Audio recorded at entrace to the meeting room is then delayed by 71 seconds, and played back in the stairwell at the entrance of the building. The noise feeds on itself, echoes, picks up the background noise of the trains - echoing the city's needs for a tunnel under the train tracks that were only looked at once the Rail Baltic project was confirmed to need to go through the town. [Paper, LED TV, two CRT tv’s, Microphone, Mac Mini Processing, VPT, Audio Trigger]
Glasgow School of Art Degree Show 2017  
 course exhibition at the Reid building basement, June 2017
Honours year project Home(less) as a performative installation [Leap Motion Controller, Processing, Max 7, semi-opaque acrylic, short-throw projector, Focusrite Sapphire Pro 24 audio interface, four speakers]
 three person exhibition at The Art School, October 2015
Premiere of art piece about history of Lithuanian deportation and occupation [Paper, LED TV, two CRT tv’s, Microphone, Mac Mini Processing, VPT, Audio Trigger]
Vilnius Academy of Art, enrolled in Contemporary Sculpture (MA), Class of 2021
Glasgow School of Art, First Class BA(Hons) in Interaction Design, Class of 2017

International Baccalaureate Diploma from St. Stephen's School of Rome, Class of 2014

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