Ben Cruachan Reservoir - Autumn 2015
Rocky Faces, Cloudy Faces, Autumn 2015
Slippery Slope, Autumn 2015
Looking back at the Last Light, Autumn 2015
People always think I'm crazy for bringing my cameras with me on our hikes. Our track record with mountaineering isn't the best, and the idea of adding multiple cameras to the packing list sounds crazy to most, but there's something great about knowing that the only way to get those shots is through hard work. Your mind is clear while hiking, only distracted by the sound of rain (or hail, in this case) bouncing off the smooth rocks, and the whistle of grass in the wind. Those moments when you do stop to finally look around, there's a certain magic that envelops the air. But those are moments for your eyes, not for cameras. To me, the perfect time to take out my camera is when I've been staring at a rocky path, mesmerized by how in the silent thirty minutes we've been walking towards it - it's only gotten smaller, scarier. Lost between the loose rocks, traces of peoples' past movement, and soon - your own.
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