The reason I find these photos so enticing is more than just the novelty of a decaying body. More-so, it's the location of the body that puzzles me. My dad and I were hiking not too far from Rome, scouting to see if it's a decent hike for an inexperienced group. Halfway up the mountain, past the first layers of forest and creeks - we find a massive grazing field. Tiny old stone walls denoting land plots and paths, cows and horses littered our view. They all seemed quite healthy and satisfied in their spots on the mountain, a few bulls pretended to not care about us while not letting us out of their sights, but we continued on to the small hill atop this mountain. 
Laughing at finally seeing snow in Italy, albeit in tiny patches dotting the shadows - we easily made our way across a brush area into a nice clearing. In the clearing - large muddy puddle (feels wrong to call it a puddle for the size, yet that's the only word that comes to me), a few dead trees and this. 
Far away from any other animals, far away from the grazing fields. Alone on a beaten path, forgotten, decaying, returning.
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