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The Dream On project was a collaboration between four major Scottish institutions:
Glasgow School of Art, University of Glasgow, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, and the BBC Scottish Symphonic Orchestra. 

Directed by Graham McLaren, students created an hour-long performance
 inspired by Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. 
The event was live broadcast on the BBC, as part of the first day for the
Shakespeare 400 programme.

While not the main focus of the show, the projections added additional depth to the
event, helping it stand out even more. The main goal of the projections was providing
additional perspectives and accessibility (parts of the event were performed by the
Performance in British Sign Language and English students. Audience members of
all levels of hearings benefited at some point of the performance from the projections
as a tool for accessibility) through a mix of live visuals, audio-visualization, on-stage
cameras, 3D cameras, and pre-rendered assets.

Nominated for Scottish Cultural Event of the Year (Sunday Herald Culture Awards)
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