Inspired by never-ending talks of a tunnel or overpass to replace the railroad crossing that divides Lentvaris into two. In the end, the infrastructure solution to allow Rail Baltica to connect Kaunas and Vilnius will most likely cause large changes to the city‘s landscapes – economical, physical, cultural. While it would finally connect the two halves of Lentvaris, it would still be a crossing point between two distinct sides. 
At the same time, more warehouse construction is beginning just outside the city border. All of this shows progress. Yet this is motivated not by the needs of the city, but by the needs of the capital, the corporate. It further places Lentvaris as a place that is passed through, driven by, but not somewhere you go. Perhaps the ‘best’ economic scenario for Lentvaris is bulldozing the city, and further expanding the railyards, warehouses, factories.
Audio is constantly being recorded in one room of the space, and is played back with a  71 second delay in the next room. Past conversations are heard, recorded, played back. Feedback loops create noise amongst the conversations of the viewers, combining the past, present, distorting the future.
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