I find that my first venture into pixel sorting was one of the most interesting for me. At the time, I barely knew anything in Processing, and so this was really a venture into trying to understand and break apart other people's code for my own use and benefit.
I'm not exactly sure where I originally saw Asendorf's work, but the first two images are based on his ASDFSort code, with minor tweaks. The last two images were more of my own exploration, as well as combining with some code found on the Processing forums that re-draws images, more than sorts them. 

Original image, far left, is not my own work. And regrettably, I cannot find the original source. I've lost some work between migratining computers, hard drives, multiple Windows re-installs. Someday, I hope to be able to find who the author of the photo is again.
The initial images were very well received on reddit's glitch_art subreddit, and encouraged me to continue exploring a similar aesthetic and processes in Processing. I began to use my own photos and renders as the source material, and while no further experiments ever gained as many clicks, the mood of these is honestly something so surreal to me. Going from film black-and-white photos of landscapes in Lithuania and Italy to seas of pixels was just fascinating.
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