© mcateer photograph

For the 70th anniversary of the Glasgow School of Art Fashion Show, I was approached by one of the third year students about collaborating on the visuals for the show. In previous years, there had never been enough interest or time for the two courses to really make it work, though there was always that idea. 
The final projections were used for ambience before and after the show, as well as mainting a rhythm and mood between collections. For certain collections, the projections were used to highlight the models walking on stage. Overall, the projections were not meant to be the main visual - it was very closely designed with the whole event in mind as a whole, and was meant to complement the wonderful lighting design by Shaun Murphy.
Above is a compilation of videos from rehearsals and setting up. Below are a few short clips of the projections, and further below you can read about the whole process, with images and videos from development and experimentation.
From some of my own experimentation and research, I knew that on a tight budget, one of the simplest solutions would come from their own department - using a netted fabric, such as tulle. Usually layered quite densly, the fabric tends to not let much light past while still being quite light. Yet as soon as you spread it out a bit, leaving gaps between the layers - there is enough fabric to catch some of the projection, and let a lot through to the next layer without casting any shadows.
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