Biennale di Venezia 2013. Russian Pavilion.
Rosa and a Bug Caught in the Wind. Senior Skip Day, Villa Jazz. 2014. 
Mercato di Esquilino. Market trip with mom. Rome, 2014? Minolta X700. 50mm.
Walking around Venice. Cultural clashes and family sit-downs.
Fishmongers in Rome, Mercato Esquilino. Minolta X700. 2013
Duoble exposure of Emilė. Zenza Bronica ETRS. Ilford FP4+ Summer 2016. 
My brother, Andrius, in the back of a hitch-on trailer. 
Senior Skip Day, Villa Jazz. Left - Michael, Right - Tobia. Minolta X700. Kodak Color 200.
Disturbed. Vinco Kudirkos Aikštė, Vilnius. 
Campsie Glen walk in snow with GSA Mountaineering. February 2016. Minolta x700, 50mm MD 1:2.
Dad. Left - hiking in Italy. Right - walking in Lithuania. Summer vs Snow. 
Triple Exposure. Andy and Emlyn in front of the Sea, Andy and Emlyn in front of a bird net, family on a pier. Bronica ETRS. 150mm.
Family on a concrete pier. Ventės Ragas, Lithuania. Summer 2016. Minolta X700
Patriotic Celebrations at Trakai. Mindauginės, Summer 2016. Minolta X700. 200mm.
Waiting for a train to the big city. Lentvaris, Lithuania. 2016. Minolta X700
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