In the spring of 2016, I had worked on a project for an international contemporary music festival in Lithuania.
I was approached by the composer to create visuals to accompany her work, which was a semi-improvised piece for four alto saxophones. 
The brief given to me explored the idea of rituals, physical spheres of influence, and the emotional connection between the primal ritual and observer.
The way I approached the project was to open up a new project in Maya, create  the negative of a sphere - a torus, and simply listen to audio from rehearsals.
Whenever I felt something, I would add a keyframe to the animation. I kept listening through the audio, over and over, just taking notes on what I felt.
Finally, I added some simple changes,transformations of the shape to reflect the emotional response I personally felt when listening to this ritual.
This process highly inspired me, made me feel a deep connection between the composer, musicians, and audience.

Created in Maya.
Performance in Druskininkai and Kultūros Baras Kablys (Vilnius) as part of Druskomanija contemporary music festival.
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