For a moment, he was free. As his heart dropped to the floor - there was no pain, nor sorrow. Everything physical was gone, but just for those few fleeting moments. By the time his heart had actually reached the tiled floor - the pain had hit him. For being without a heart no longer meant you could not live. In this day and age, your life-span was dictated by more than your physique. And while he was able to afford a temporary heartless experience - his body was yet to be modified as those in the gilded castles. 

The first breath was difficult. As another ten seconds passed on the timer - he was finally able to begin bending down, reaching out with his bloodied hand to pick up his heart. This cause of all his suffering - right there in his hands. After all - it wasn’t his fault he was born human. And he was about to become the first man to change that.
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